Providing Quality Care

Arizona Digestive Health is committed to providing an outstanding level of care to all our patients through thoughtful and comprehensive consultations and the most advanced procedures available. Using the leading surveying and reporting tools we are able to analyze our quality of care metrics and compare our data against regional and national benchmarks. In every category, we meet or exceed these standards of care.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We partner with SurveyVitals to try to better understand how patients experience our practice. It is important for us to recognize our strengths, as well as those areas that may need more attention. To accomplish this we have a 16 question survey designed to cover every aspect of the patient experience, including wait times in the office, cleanliness of the facility, the professionalism of the staff and satisfaction with the physician interaction.

SurveyVitals is unlike the physician ranking websites you may have seen before. Through adherence to strict standards, SurveyVitals ensures high quality feedback collection and reporting. The surveys have been crafted with input from providers to ensure they measure what’s truly important to the patient experience. Patient feedback is requested via email, text message and automated phone system soon after their provider interaction to optimize cognitive recall. Results are anonymous, which leads to higher quality responses and more candid feedback. Real-time reporting of results gives providers immediate, actionable data to continue to improve patient care.  All of this leads to high quality data about the patient’s experience with a specific provider.

How Do We Calculate Patient Satisfaction Scores?

Our Patient Satisfaction Scores are derived from nearly 50,000 patient survey responses going back to early 2014. Our surveys are anonymously sent to all patients after their appointment and include four questions specifically related to our physician’s performance. The Patient Satisfaction Score figure is found by averaging the scores of these four questions for each physician.

Quality Measures

Our providers are some of most respected names in the Arizona gastroenterology community with decades of experience providing quality, expert care to our patients in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. Over 95,000 patients trust our providers with their digestive health annually and that experience and knowledge makes our team one of the best in the field.

We perform over 85,000 procedures annually and nearly 50,000 of those are colonoscopies. While the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) recommends a physician perform at least 100 colonoscopies annually, every ADH physician performs at least 200 colonoscopies each year, with some providers completing more than 1,000.