Eight Habits for a Healthy Family

by Alyssa Simpson, RD, CDE, CLT

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Age Appropriate Toothbrushing

Good oral hygiene should begin at an early age. An infant’s mouth can be cleaned after each feeding. Begin by cradling the head with one hand while using your free hand to wipe the baby’s mouth with a clean wet gauze or wet cloth. A child’s teeth should be brushed as soon as the first tooth erupts and parents should only use a smear of toothpaste until age 2. Here you will get a best treatment to scale and polish your teeth.

When teaching your children to brush, parents of children under the age of seven need to ensure they use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and caution them to minimize toothpaste swallowing. Children should spit out and not swallow excess toothpaste after brushing. Prevent most dental conditions with steel bite pro.

Children should start flossing when tooth surfaces are next to each other. It is important to floss at least once a day. Bacterial plaque can settle between the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. The tongue should also be brushed to remove bacterial plaque. If your child doesn’t like brushing their tongue, there are also tongue scrapers that help remove bacteria and plaque with a little less work.

We recommend you taking the lead in brushing your child’s teeth until they are 8 to 9 years old. At that point, they should have developed the dexterity and maturity to get all the nooks at crannies in the front and back of their mouths. You should still supervise brushing even when they begin to do it themselves

These habits become part of your lifestyle, and people who live a healthy lifestyle have a decreased risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and help you mastering diabetes which you can get tested at home thanks to this online medical store that Sell Diabetic Test Strips to patients and doctors. With the philips pagewriter tc70 monitor you can control and monitor your health without problem, others which are even more focus on health and fitness use different methods to improve their physical condition, and you can even go online to find the Top 5 recommended health tips for fitness model so you can maintain a great physical health.

This month I am sharing with you Eight Habits for a Healthy Family, tips that I have found create the foundation for a healthier and happier family! Several weather changes can also affect your family immune-system, check out the latest Blaux portable ac reviews.

  1. Eat breakfast. People who eat a healthy breakfast (blueberry donuts do not count!) are more mentally alert, perform better at work, at school and on the field, and have an easier time managing their weight than non-breakfast eaters, you can get more tips to lose weigh at gobiofit.com.
  2. Breakfast is an excellent time to start the day with a nutrient-packed power meal by consuming fresh fruit and vegetables along with fiber packed complex carbohydrates, lean protein and  monounsaturated fats, if you want to also take care of your body fat, you can start using these top rated products on the market for fat burn, you can try the Revitaa pro. Breakfast is especially critical for children and adolescents; therefore, it is important to start the habit of eating a healthy breakfast early.
  3. Pack food the night before. Help your family create the daily habit of preparing for success by packing meals and/or snacks the night before. When morning time comes, it is easy to forget to make that turkey sandwich for lunch, you could always go to the sandwich shop if you do! But if you do so the night before and make this part of your daily routine, it becomes a regular habit. Having your meals and snacks in a convenient location (like a cooler) will prevent a mid-afternoon trip to the fast food drive thru, helping everyone eat healthier and saving time and money. This is a habit that will serve your young and adolescent children for many years to come! If you are looking for a way to save money and eat right, a commercial vacuum sealer may be the answer. From personal kitchens to corporate restaurants, thousands of people have found the appeal of the vacuum sealer. With important features such as saving foods from spoiling and locking in nutrients and flavor, choosing the right vacuum sealer can be a difficult task. Vacuum sealers can prevent freezer burn in food and can, in some cases, double the freezer life of meats and vegetables!
  4. Set a regular grocery date. One of the biggest challenges busy families face when it comes to mealtime is not having the right ingredients on hand to whip up a quick and healthy meal. This usually results in the need to head to the nearest fast food pick-up joint for a quick meal–and usually a not-so-healthy meal. A regular  grocery date will help ensure your fridge will always be stocked with healthy food for those very hectic days!
  5. Prepare meals in advance. Along with setting a regular grocery date comes the important habit of meal planning in advance. Life is busy, and few families have the luxury of being spontaneous during the work and school week to figure out “what’s for dinner,” shop for the necessary ingredients and then cook the meal! Spend a little time over the weekend prepping food for the week and I can almost guarantee your week will run a whole lot smoother! Create a system that works for you.
    For example:


    • Monday:  Meatless Monday vegetarian dish
    • Tuesday:  Poultry or fish night
    • Wednesday: Soup or chili
    • Thursday:  Leftover night!
    • Friday:  Homemade pizzas, tacos, or breakfast for dinner

Leave the weekends for a little more impromptu eating and plan according to what is going on in your life. By following a system such as the one above, you can eliminate the stress of thinking you need to create something elaborate every week, while giving yourself the flexibility to mold the menu to your family’s likings. Try one new recipe a week and use family favorites for the other nights.-

5.Involve the whole family in meal planning. Parents often feel the need to take on the weekly challenge of meal planning as a solo task, when in reality, weekly meal planning should be something everyone (ages 5 and up) is involved in. If you have young children, have them participate at an early age by letting them browse through picture cookbooks and find meals that appeal to them. Give adolescents the responsibility of planning one meal a week. Involving the whole family at an early age helps create the habit of prioritizing advanced meal planning as some of you family memebrs may have some form of intolerance to some food. This also helps to reduce the “I do not like this!” tantrums and to increase the overall nutrient profile and variety of foods served because everyone has a chance to give their input.

6.Eat at the table. Creating the habit of eating together at the table sets the foundation for many healthy habits. In today’s fast-paced, busy world it can be hard to sit down, slow down, eat and enjoy a meal together. But this is one old fashioned habit that should be reestablished as a regular part of your routine. Eating together helps people connect and share what is going on in their lives. It helps you relax, unwind and create memories. Eating at the table also helps create the habit of mindful eating. When the TV is turned off and external distractions are put on mute (i.e. telephone, email, and text alerts), people are better able to pay attention to their internal hunger and fullness cues, helping to prevent mindless eating and overeating.

7. Snack on fruits and vegetables. When it comes to eating healthy, we have all heard that we should “snack on more fruits and vegetables”! But the reality is, as a society, we are accustomed to snacks coming in fancy pre-packed containers. Unfortunately, our children are learning that “snacks” come from a box and not from Mother Earth; this is setting unhealthy habits from the start. We have the power to transform children’s snack habits by simply having more fruits and vegetables readily available on a regular basis. Children learn what they live, so if fruit and vegetables are served as snacks when they’re young, children will grow into adolescents and adults snacking on more fruits and vegetables! Having a vitamin and mineral deficiency is very easy if you or your family don’t eat fruit or vegetables regularly.  If you would like to add a few extra supplements, then consider adding something like cbd. If you would like to boost your healthy living, then try doing some fitness programs at home with the proper weight room flooring.

8. Make water the go-to beverage. Creating the habit of drinking more water is a simple but very important one.Drinking more water which is healthy.You can use best descalers for healthy water.

If you unfortunately find yourself dehydrated, then consider going to Drip Hydration Therapy for a quick recovery.  

Here are some ways to increase your overall water intake and make it a family “habit”:

    • Drink a glass of water first thing when waking up–even before breakfast!
    • Serve water with meals.
    • Keep homemade fruit-flavored water in the fridge. (You can make this by placing fresh fruit slices in a pitcher of water and letting it sit overnight.) 
    • Have everyone carry a water bottle.
    • Dining out? Create the family habit of ordering water!
    • At work? Get some office water coolers so your co-workers can start staying hydrated too.


The Good Guys – How Beneficial Bacteria Affects Digestion

by Alyssa Simpson, RD, CDE, CLT

The “microbiome” is a term used to describe the dynamic community of microorganisms living in our gastrointestinal tract. This community is comprised of beneficial and symbiotic organisms that cohabitate within us.

You may be asking, how many of these little buggers are inside of us? What roles do they play with our digestive and overall health? If you’re suffering from constipation, you may find that adding your preferred form to your daily diet is the best way to resolve your symptoms. By delivering soluble and natural psyllium fiber to your digestive tract.

Right now there are around 1,000 different types of bacteria living in your digestive system. While your first thought might be “Get them out!” these organisms have many positive influences on your health. For more professional information about probiotics visit https://www.riverfronttimes.com/stlouis/1md-complete-probiotics-platinum-reviews-must-read-before-trying/Content?oid=34729691.

These good guys function in symbiosis with your immune system and play an integral role protecting you from potential illnesses including parasitic infection and overgrowth of yeast and bacteria; like candida albicans and H-pylori respectively.

Beyond its protective role, these bacteria have many other beneficial functions. Chief among them is aiding in digestion. Balancing pH in the gut, reducing inflammation, regulating our bowel movements, manufacturing B vitamins and essential fatty acids, aiding in mineral absorption and protecting against toxic substances are all influenced by these good guys.

When our good guys become compromised, allowing disease-causing bacteria, parasites and yeast to proliferate, it can lead to a multitude of unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms including gas, bloating and diarrhea. This imbalance is referred to as dysbiosis.

The delicate balance of good and bad microorganisms in your gut can be easily disrupted by many factors. These include chemical exposure, stress, poor diet, alcohol intake, antibiotic use and medications such as antacids and proton pump inhibitors, and that’s why having the right nutrition is so important, of course you can also complement this with the right supplements, such as white vein kratom,  and you can even visit the Best KratomCountry Webstore to find affordable prices as well. Other than this if you need other information about kratom check over here. You can also look into compounding pharmacy as an option for you.

Recently, I’ve been working with a patient who was experiencing persistent abdominal pain, distention, bloating, gas and indigestion. With the pressure and pain in her belly barely allowing her to eat, she knew she had to see a doctor. Also, if you are having doubts and need a second opinion with your diagnosis for belly pain, look for Online Second Opinion Options for Belly Pain.

Initially she had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy, but no causes for her symptoms were found. The medication she was prescribed did not offer much relief either and she knew the way she was feeling was not normal for her.

Working with this patient, I first identified foods that were triggering her symptoms. Once we eliminated these foods from her diet, we were able to begin to restore her good bacteria using megaspore probiotic supplements and nutrition therapy; including foods rich in prebiotics like onions, garlic, and honey.

Within two weeks of beginning treatment her symptoms had dramatically decreased and her condition continues to improve.

Once treatment for dysbiosis begins, patients usually experience relief from symptoms in the first few weeks. This is because the treatments are patient-specific and tailored to each individual’s needs. Improve your dietary results by burning extra fat after reading these meticore real reviews.

As in this case, treatment usually includes taking probiotics and prebiotics in coordination with medical nutrition therapy to boost development of good bacteria and inhibit growth of bad bacteria.

When selecting a probiotic supplement it is important use kratom to boost energy and to look for products containing living, viable organisms, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidum for example, in addition to any condition-specific strain recommended by your healthcare provider.

As a Registered Dietitian, I can determine which probiotics and prebiotics would be most beneficial for you, help you to plan a therapeutic diet and identify lifestyle changes designed to re-balance your system and help you find relief from your symptoms.

If you suffer from a gastrointestinal condition or chronic GI symptoms, your microbiome is likely an important factor to address.

Dr. Wadas on BetterTV for Colon Cancer Awareness Month

In recognition of Dress in Blue Day and Colon Cancer Awareness Month this March, Dr. Darrell Wadas spoke with BetterTV this past Friday to remind people about the importance of getting yourself screened for colon cancer. Watch the video below to better understand your own risk factors for colon cancer. If you have been noticing any of these symptoms on a loved one or even yourself, then don’t hesitate to visit an urgent care clinic for a screening. 

Colon Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the US, but is preventable when caught early. With colonoscopy, our gastroenterologists are able to detect and remove polyps before they threaten your health. Colonoscopy screenings are recommended for individuals aged 50 and over, or younger if you have symptoms or family history of colon cancer. A healthy diet can help you prevent Colon Cancer, check these meticore reviews.

Our physicians and staff are happy to answer any questions you have about colon cancer and colonoscopy. To speak with one of our board certified gastroenterologists, you can reach out to our locations directly by phone, or complete the appointment request form we have online.-

Healthy, age-appropriate individuals may also be interested in our Open Access Colonoscopy program available at some locations. This program allows qualifying patients to schedule a colonoscopy procedure without the need for a pre-procedure visit.

Colon cancer develops when tumorous growths develop in the large intestine. It is now the third most common type of cancer in the United States.

The colon, or large intestine, is where the body draws out water and salt from solid wastes. The waste then moves through the rectum and exits the body through the anus.

Colon cancer is also the third most common cause of cancer-related death in the U.S. In fact, in 2019, the American Cancer Society (ACS) predict that 101,420 people in the U.S. will receive a new diagnosis of colon cancer.

Healthcare professionals recommend attending regular screenings for colon cancer from the age of 50 years.

Colorectal cancer, which describes co-occurring colon cancer and rectal cancer, is also common. Rectal cancer originates in the rectum, which is the final several inches of the large intestine, closest to the anus.

In this article, we look at how to recognize and treat colon cancer, why it develops, and how to prevent it.

a woman contemplates her colon cancer diagnosis Share on Pinterest
Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the U.S.

Colon cancer often causes no symptoms in the earliest stages. However, symptoms may become more noticeable as it progresses.

These signs and symptoms may include:

  • diarrhea or constipation
  • changes in stool consistency
  • loose, narrow stools
  • blood in the stool, which may or may not be visible
  • abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, or gas
  • continual urges to defecate despite passing stools
  • weakness and fatigue
  • unexplained weight loss
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • iron deficiency anemia

If the cancer spreads to a new location in the body, such as the liver, it can cause additional symptoms in the new area.


There are different ways of assigning a stage to cancer. The stages indicate how far a cancer has spread and the size of any tumors.

In colon cancer, the stages develop as follows:

  • Stage 0: Also known as carcinoma in situ, at this point, the cancer is in a very early stage. It has not grown farther than the inner layer of the colon and will usually be easy to treat.
  • Stage 1: The cancer has grown into the next layer of tissue but has not reached the lymph nodes or any other organs.
  • Stage 2: The cancer has reached the outer layers of the colon, but it has not spread beyond the colon.
  • Stage 3: The cancer has grown through the outer layers of the colon, and it has reached one to three lymph nodes. It has not spread to distant sites, however.
  • Stage 4: The cancer has reached other tissues beyond the wall of the colon. As stage 4 progresses, colon cancer reaches distant parts of the body.
Treatment options

Treatment will depend on the type and stage of the colon cancer. A doctor will also take the age, overall health status, and other characteristics of the individual into consideration when deciding on the best treatment option. Check the latest nutrisystem reviews.

There is no single treatment for any cancer. The most common options for colon cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.-

The aim of treatment will be to remove the cancer, prevent its spread, and reduce any uncomfortable symptoms.


surgeons in operating theatre performing crohn s surgeryShare on Pinterest
Surgery is one possible treatment for colon cancer.

Surgery to remove part or all of the colon is called a colectomy. During this procedure, a surgeon will remove the part of the colon that contains the cancer, as well as some of the surrounding area.

For example, they will usually remove nearby lymph nodes to reduce the risk of spreading. The surgeon will then either reattach the healthy portion of the colon or create a stoma, depending on the extent of the colectomy.

A stoma is a surgical opening in the wall of the abdomen. Through this opening, waste passes into a bag, which removes the need for the lower part of the colon. This is called a colostomy.

Other types of surgery include:

  • Endoscopy: A surgeon may be able to remove some small, localized cancers using this procedure. They will insert a thin, flexible tube with a light and camera attached. It will also have an attachment for removing cancerous tissue.
  • Laparoscopic surgery: A surgeon will make several small incisions in the abdomen. This may be an option to remove larger polyps.
  • Palliative surgery: The aim of this type of surgery is to relieve symptoms in cases of untreatable or advanced cancers. A surgeon will attempt to relieve any blockage of the colon and manage pain, bleeding, and other symptoms.

Here, learn more about endoscopy.


During chemotherapy, a cancer care team will administer medications that interfere with the cell division process. They achieve this by disrupting proteins or DNA to damage and kill cancer cells.

These treatments target any rapidly dividing cells, including healthy ones. These can usually recover from any chemotherapy induced damage, but cancer cells cannot.

A cancer specialist, or oncologist, will usually recommend chemotherapy to treat colon cancer if it spreads. The medicines travel through the whole body, and the treatment will take place in cycles, so the body has time to heal between doses.

Common side effects of chemotherapy include:

  • hair loss
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • vomiting

Combination therapies often use multiple types of chemotherapy or combine chemotherapy with other treatments.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy kills cancer cells by focusing high energy gamma rays on them. A cancer care team may use external radiation therapy, which expels these rays from a machine outside of the body.

With internal radiation, a doctor will implant radioactive materials near the site of the cancer in the form of a seed.