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Virtual Telemedicine visits now available, please call for details.
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Telemedicine Now Available

Telemedicine offers a new way for our board-certified gastroenterologists at our Scottsdale-Yalam location to provide treatment for our patients. Arizona Digestive Health in Scottsdale, Arizona prides itself on offering high quality and convenient healthcare. Telemedicine and Telehealth services provide greater convenience to our patients. With Telemedicine our patients will be able to receive gastroenterology treatment remotely from the comfort of their own home. We know that this will allow the residents of Scottsdale, Arizona to receive a higher quality of gastroenterological care from the qualified physicians of ADH. Our Telemedicine provider is easy and free to use. Please contact our Scottsdale-Yalam office to make an appointment today.


Are There Gastrointestinal Telemedicine Doctors Near Me?

Yes. ADH is a premier telemedicine provider and all of our Scottsdale, Arizona locations have a simple and easy to use telemedicine solution including our Scottsdale-Yalam, Arizona location serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, and surrounding areas. Please call to ask any questions about our telehealth services and set up your appointment.


What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine services also allow greater access to care. If injury or ailment prevents you from leaving your home frequently a virtual Telemedicine option will make healthcare more accessible to you. We are also excited for those patients who live in rural areas and who would typically need to drive great distances to receive medical care. Telemedicine will assist those residents as well.

One immediate benefit of utilizing Telemedicine is the reduced cost of physically going to a clinic. You won’t need to take as much time off work, you won’t incur any transportation costs and you won’t need to find a babysitter. 

To learn more about telemedicine watch these two videos below from one of our telemedicine providers

Telemedicine Overview


Telemedicine Check-In Help