Dietitian Services

Understanding the role your diet has on digestive symptoms is an important step when seeking lasting relief from discomfort, inflammation, pain, and irregular bowel movements. Diet and nutritional support can create positive outcomes in the management of chronic conditions and day-to-day gastrointestinal discomfort. When it comes to making diet and lifestyle change, enlisting the right support can be critical to your success.

Alyssa’s approach is individualized based on each patient’s needs, goals, and preferences. Some tools she may incorporate include personalized meal planning, phased step-by-step elimination diets such as the low FODMAP diet, specialized testing such as MRT food sensitivity testing, anti-inflammatory diets, nutrition analysis, and professional quality nutraceuticals. Alyssa Simpson, RDN CLT works closely with each patient to help you feel better as quickly as possible, and to take the stress out of planning meals.

Alyssa helps people wo suffer from the following conditions to find relief: dietitian-services-testimonial-

Office Hours and Costs

Alyssa sees patients virtually via telehealth or by phone. Consultations are private pay, and she accepts all major credit or debit cards, including HSA and FSA cards. To get in touch with Alyssa to explore how she can help you, please call 602.422.9800 or use our appointment request form here.

About Alyssa Simpson, RDN, CLT

Alyssa-Simpson-RDAlyssa Simpson is a registered dietitian and certified LEAP therapist with over fifteen years of experience helping improve patient’s health through lifestyle changes and better eating habits.